Love From the Fourth Floor

November 18, 1997  Tuesday

Any day you get to see Adam Sandler perform in concert is a pretty good day.  Last night, to kick off D’s birthday, he had Collinsville, who is rushing Pi Kappa Alpha, give him a Pike Tuck-in.  D threw all of us covers off on the floor, with this roommate of mine wearing only his whities.  Collinsville tucked him in until he was resembled a larval state as we laughed.  Then Collinsville had to tell him a bedtime story, which we all listened to.  I’ll cash my Pike Tuck-in in a few weeks.

People started lining up for the Adam Sandler concert, held in Alumni Hall just down from Thompson Hall, around one o’clock.  The a day was made of it.  Jake, Tom, and I went earlier than the others from the fourth floor, arriving at a more reasonable six o’clock, but the doors were not open until seven.  Adam did the “The Lunch Lady Song,” “Chunaka Song,” “The Turkey Song,” but the best was “The Goat Song” which did with a goat sock-puppet.  Those one o’clock must have scored some great seat. but we were alright with ours. on the far side of the arena in the bleachers.  Respect to Adam Sandler for a great concert.




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