Old Man Winter Freezes the Hell Out of Macomb

December 5, 1997  Friday

Yesterday was the first real snow of the year.  We’ve had a couple little flurries, but this was the first time we’ve had something to show for it.  True, it was only an inch or so, but it was snow.  I again walked the downtown Macomb square yesterday by myself.  The break in between Psychology and Sociology affords me just enough time to take a long, leisurely walk.  On the way to see what new, used CDs might be at Disc & Dat, displayed along their walls,  I thought about if Sidney would be able to come this weekend.  I wondered what life would be like if Jake really doesn’t return for the spring, as well as my on-life-support friendship with Katie Looker.  Basically my life in general.  It was a thinking day.

Thinking Day was blustery and icy, and the snow made it seem like were inside one of those snow globes.  And it was cold.  Earlier this morning, in Design, the instructor wanted to see the landscape I was going to paint, so I had to go out to the lake by Olsen Hall and make sketches of it.  Numbness set in quickly and it was hard to get a grip on my pencil, but it got done.

Besides my solitary escapades out at times, now a days we just hang around the Fourth Floor.  Being shut-ins is not very much fun, since there really is very little within normal walking distance.

I wonder if Sidney has e-mailed me yet.

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