The (First) End is Upon Us

December 13, 1997  Saturday

I worked late into the night on my final paper for History, but had to finish in the morning.  This meant missing Design, but others had missed more and been alright.  I got the paper done, and turned it in.  I had just returned to Thompson when a guy from from Design, who lives in my dorm, asked why I had missed class.  I told him it was because of a paper, but it alright, because my project was done to be turned in Monday.  Then he called me a liar about having the project done.  What?

I have to say, that although I have had most of my problems and headaches over worrying about undone assignments, History will be the class I miss the most.  It was interesting, and I learned a lot.

In the afternoon I went to study Genesis with the Jim Rabchuck, like I have done semi-regularly since the summer.  Around the Fourth Floor we called him “Shep,” and refer to it all as a cult, but I wanted to write and I say that I really respect him and what he does.  He’s not really that bad of a guy, just a little bland.  I hadn’t been at Western long over the summer when I saw a flyer and phone number for a Bible study.  I didn’t have anything like that at the time, and had sort of liked the added dimension always going to my hometown Presbyterian church had brought.  I called, and was told to meet him at his office in the science building on campus.  It turned out he was a biology professor, which I found to be a fascinating professional juxtaposition.  The plan was to simply read through book by book, a chapter at a time, and discuss what we found.  I had never done anything exactly like this, and I found I had a lot of questions about the cracks and meanings in the stories.  Perhaps he was a little taken aback by my light challenges–which even surprised me– but if she was he never showed it.  That is how I started going to his house on Sunday afternoons.  He held a short, very bare-bones service in his living room, that was also headed by his wife, and an older Korean couple that seemed to be still learning English.  The four would sit together, facing their congregation of metal folding chairs, and it was funny– they usually outnumbered the people they were speaking to.  Anyway, today Shep even gave me a Christmas present.  Granted, it was only a notebook, but at least he even thought of me.

It’s pretty late (like 4:30 am) but I was hanging out with Jake in his room, eating pizza.  He may still be a little rough, but he’s grown a lot this semester.  He says it’s because he’s realized he wants to go back to Granite City and attend SWIC to get his grades up, and he might return in a year or two.  It takes a lot of maturity to do something like that.

This morning the phone woke me up around nine.  It was Mom, but I was very incoherent through the conversation, only being half awake.  She said she had sent a package, and it should be here today.  I mumbled a thanks and went back to bed.  D and Jen Parry were going to head for the Quad Cities for the weekend, which they had been planning for a while.  I guess after Mom called I only went partly back to sleep, because I heard D and Jen talking while I was sleeping.  Part of my dream had D and Jen Parry discussing that they would be going to a Quad Cities Thunder CBA basketball game. Then, D called his mom to ask what he should buy for his dad.  When I woke up, I asked D if he would be going to a Thunder game, and whether he had told his mom he would buy his dad a CD for Christmas.  He looked at me in amazement like I was psychic, until I told him I had heard while I was sleeping, and incorporated it into my dream.

The package Mom called about arrived in the afternoon, and it was full of food (nice).  Now if I can just get through finals…  Actually, it won’t be too hard, and will it really be that great to be home?  Quiet hours have begun, which has been extended to an unbelievable 23 hours a day.  The warden grants us noise from 6-7.

Last night Eastern Illinois–Ainsley Lagerstein’s school–came to town on take on the Westerwinds girls basketball team.  The Westerwinds sent them out of town with a loss.


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