April 23, 1998  Thursday

I finally made it over to the university library tonight.  I had wanted to make the trip for over a week, and I finally wanted to so bad that I was able to get of my bed and go.  The first book I looked for was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.  When I read these books I do like to get caught up in all of the insanity, but after a while, like the young protagonist, I tire of the confusing and backwards land, and wish to return to the real world.  Yet, taken in small doses of a few chapters at a time, Alice can be an excellent read.  The second book I took out was The Minds of Billy Mulligan, which is authored by Daniel Keyes, the writer of Flowers for Algernon.  Selecting a last book, Ayn Rand’s We the Living, I went to a secluded section of the library and began reading from We the Living.  Rand’s forward was just what I was looking for, since I am reading all of these works to get my brain re-energized in order to improve my writing:

“Too many writers declare that they never succeed in expressing fully what they wished to express and that their work is only some sort of approximation.  It is a viewpoint for which I have never had any sympathy and which I consider excusable only when it is voiced my beginners, since no one is born with any kind of “talent” and, therefore, every skill has to be acquired.  Writers are made, not born.  To be exact, writers are self-made.”








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