The “Kill-tron 3000”

April 23, 1998  Thursday

Tom thought he was really cool, being able to spritz and squirt at me with his little pee-shooter of a water gun the last couple of days. There I was, as just one example, simply minding my own business, watching TV in 420, and a stream of water hit my neck from around the corner.

Today is was time to get some payback.  My armament store of choice was the Walmart summer toy aisle, with Sara driving us over this afternoon. Once there, I selected the biggest, gaudiest water blaster I could find–the Super Soaker CSP 1500.  This thing holds ten pounds of water, has a strap of ease of carry, and is ten times more powerful than any other Super Soaker ever made.

That’ll do it.


As soon as I got back to Thompson Hall I snuck up the side entrance to the far wing from Tom’s room, and filled it up in a shower.  At two, when Tom gets back from class, he froze, took one panicked look at the arsenal I was now packing, and took off down the hall to his room, where he managed to get lock his door.

I then went to my room, got a chair, and sat down outside Tom’s room with the barrel pointed at the door.   This is sight Collinsville witnessed when he himself returned from class, and his first reaction at seeing my new water gun was to laugh, and then he named it the Kill-tron 3000.  In a while Tom started opening with door a crack to shoot Fruitopia at me, and I returned fire with a blast at his door.  When he wasn’t hiding from me he was running, but I’ll get him.





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