This Entry Does Have a Title

April 2, 1998  Thursday

I’m starting to feel a lot better, so I think my strep throat has basically run it’s course.  That’s great, because it’s not fun to have Jello be painful going down.  Also, in the last couple days I’ve let the cleanliness of my room go; it’s pretty much a disaster area right now.

Last night, like every night, Jeremy did his radio show on the campus station.  Collinsville, Tom, and I were sitting around, requesting from him groups like Menudo and Milli Vanilli when Linsy stopped by.  Soon thereafter she too was calling Jerermy, and pretending to be interested in him (we had to fight very hard to stop laughing).  At first Jeremy tought it was indeed a prank, but eventually he began to buy into it that Linsy, aka “Jessica,” was calling him and asking him out.  Well, it worked, and that’s all he’s talked about all day.  He is going a concert tonight, wearing a purple shirt so “Jessica” can identify him.  It’s too bad there is no such person.

Yes, right, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re saying to yourself, “That’s a really mean thing to do, mean guy!” And in some ways it is.  Yet this is the same guy, Jeremy, that will have a conversation with you while you’re in the stall, saying things like “Yippy skippy” all the time, and oh yeah–made me sick!

And now the final bit for the day.  As the year progresses and time goes by, dates begin to repeat themselves.  It was one year ago today that Sidney and I talked in the Brimfield parking lot for over two hours.  It was a nice time, and worthy I thought of a line or two of recognition, even as time goes by.

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