The Wrap-Up

November 27, 1998  Saturday

Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course, and it goes without saying that we all down to the family farm, like always.  I was looking forward to a day of eating and football.  Arriving to the farm by noon I wanted to go for a walk.  Taking a few moments to head back  into the woods, I ventured back to see if the evidence had been completely erased.  For all purposes it was gone.  It’s all right.  I had made the trip four other times, and each time is was increasingly overgrown.  The place has become something more.  It is a personal place that only I connect with.  It is important to have such places; we all do.  During the day Uncle Rich brought up the subject to Mom about what will happen to the farm and it’s roughly 180 acres after Grandma and Grandpa.  I would have for this place, out there, to be someone else’s, and I hope we retain it for as long as possible.

Getting back to the farm yard from my earlier venture, Rich and his family had arrived.  Grandpa and Rich needed help doing some roofing for one of the barns, and that took my time until it was time to eat.  You know, going to Grandma’s has lost something.  When I was younger I always had my cousins Trisha and Ray to play with, but most times we get together now I am the only one of the three to go.  Trisha is of course at college in Oregon, and only comes home for summer and Christmas.  Ryan works at Jumer’s in Galesburg, which is where he was this Thanksgiving.  I miss the old days.  The younger group–Nicole, and our younger cousins Lisa and Miles–kind of do their own thing, but I sometimes pal around with Miles.  I sat down with a stack of Time magazines and read them during the afternoon.  Still, it was so good to be there, because one day things will change even more.  Grandma made me a cherry pie like always, so everything is still right with a large part of the world.

Finally, I had planned to call Colin, but he beat me to it.  Mom wanted me to write my JFK report instead.  I convinced Mom I needed to see my friend–and I needed a break from the never-ending stream of lone gunmen and conspiracy theories (I don’t really go for that stuff).  Even more serious was that Nicole has become a big Spice Girls fan (I tried to raise her right…) and had rented Spice World.  Now do you understand why I had to get out?

It is great to see Colin when I’m able to, and most of our time consists of just catching up over the previous few months.  Colin told me about getting a new girlfriend a month ago, and how the Delta Upsilon he’s a part of at Culver Stockton is.  I added all of my own girl stories, and all the rest. He hasn’t seen anyone else but me from Elmwood, but it doesn’t surprise us anymore.  I didn’t stay very long at his house, only about two hours.

Today I rushed up to the library to get some last-minute paper info, and have spent all day reading a book about Kennedy.  I don’t know what I believe anymore, to tell you truth.  The class has muddled as intelligent thought into a soup of “What ifs.”  I had been pretty much anti-conspiracy, but these books are entertaining if sometimes compelling.  The book The Day Kennedy Shot now gives me doubts. I would love to know what happened and figure the whole puzzle out, but then I also believe there probably isn’t a puzzle, and the most important thing, the only thing that really mattered, we already know.  At this point I’ll just be happy to get ten pages out of this and a B.

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