October 19, 1999  Tuesday

Tom and Collinsville had both been asking me to write again (although they want most material to pertain to Amdor stories) and they read yesterday’s entry, “All Because of Algernon” as soon as I got home from the computer lab with it.

Last night Tom and I, being out usual busy selves, were watching Raw when Just Friends Kim called me. Even though I was stormy about having to talk to her, Erika soon called to talk to Collinville, so that’s one I owe Erika.

Not much later, Taryn (actually the correct spelling) and Haley (? spelling) came over to show us what they were making for Mom’s Night for their Pike pledge sons.  When later over at 714, I asked how her weekend was, and she said she had indeed gone home, but she had gotten to see her boyfriend for only an hour.  Enter the boyfriend.

While trying to help Haley catch Foxie, the 5-pound ball of white fluff that 714 has, outside, it was kind of strange, because Haley was still showing me the same kind of attention that she doesn’t seem to show to Tom or someone else.  Maybe she just thinks I’m an all right guy and cool to have as a new friend.  Yet there has been multiple signs… Perhaps she’s not with her relationship.  That’s always possible, but I don’t like to get in the middle of that kind of stuff.  I don’t know.

I had been about to search Macomb for food before the girls came over, so I left and walked to a nearby Hardee’s, the 24-hour place.  Closed.  As I pondered that mystery, I soon realized that trying to get food in Macomb at midnight is not an easy thing to do.  Tom and I eventually drove across town in his red Ford Probe to Hy-Vee and were later baking a pizza in our small back kitchen when Amdor and Chase returned from the Pace.  While Amdor lovingly hugged his new prized possession of a Jack Daniels pitcher, Chase told us about how the Pikes want to set up a secret video camera in our place to get the classic Amdor moments that happen every day (this is might be better than the Jeremy Tapes of our freshman year).

Before leaving, Chase and I talked on the porch about me quitting the pledge class.  He said he had been the one to make the announcement at Pledge Retreat to the other 21 guys when I didn’t show up.  He told me at one time during the night each of them had to get up and share something about the process so far, and he had voiced his piss-off-edness at my having quit because of grades and money, and how he misses me not being there.  That really meant a lot to me.  He also said that they are still planning on kidnapping Kevin Wells, the Pike president, soon.  So far the plan is still to put him in Chase’s cellar.  I had volunteered to be the one to keep Wells company in the cellar, and said I would still do that, so everyone was accounted for by the actives.  Also I suggested at the time painting our faces black and white for the act, like in Dead Presidents.

Today Tom turns 20, and I believe it is going to be celebrated at the Ritz.  All of the Alpha Sigs will be there (the good, the so-so, and the rapidly annoying) so I might have more to write about soon.  As a game plan, I’m going to play it cool and just see what happens.  Yet right now I have to begin a 10-page creative story that’s due tomorrow.

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