The Great Pow-wow

August 18, 1995  Sunday

Today I had to trim the long row of high hedges that ring the entire backyard for Mom. Clip, clip, clip.  The job was hard, but Hoke helped me some, so it was not that bad.  Then Davies came over.  Warning! The following an exclusive interview with Will Davies!  Hoke was also there.  Let the pow-wow begin:

Hoke: Oh gee, I think I found your golf clubs for you, Carlson.  Oh gee, darn.  There were in your closet the whole time.  You must have misplaced them in there.
Will: Mom just made me bring them up yesterday.
Hoke: Oh sure, but you couldn’t find them, could you?
Will: Well, what I’d like to do is–
Hoke: Guess what, you’re doing–you goin’ golfing.  You’re being called, and we can say, “I know where your clubs are, they’re in your closet, better go get them.”
Will: Okay, okay… Now, Will?
Davies: Yeah, I’m listening.
Will: Okay, now what I’d like to do is, I’d like to ask you a few questions to, huh, remember you by.
Hoke: He did this to Nicole, too.
Will: Yeah, and it really turned out stupid.  Anyway…
Hoke: Yeah, have a seat.
Will: So…
Davies: Okay.
Will: Go ahead, sit down!  You’ll be fine, and then I’m going to write it all down.  It’s like the memoirs of my life.
Davies: This ought to be short.
Hoke: …Hey Carlson?
Davies: Well, you know, and boring.
Hoke: Carlson?
Will: Each day the memoirs get longer.
Hoke: All-4-One? (laughs)
Will: It was the debut album, alright?  They were going to be big!
Davies: And he still listens to bad music.
Nick: Star Trek VStar Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country?
Will:  …So Will, how have you been?
Davies: Yeah.
Will: Are you good?
Davies: Okay.
Will: That’s good.  Huh, how have you been keeping busy, all this time?
Davies: Working.
Will: Working as what?
Davies: Huh, let’s see here.  I was shingling yesterday.
Will: Hmm, yes, I see.
Hoke: Hey Carlson, what’s this notebook here, this story about giving a rose?
Will: Alright, interview over.


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