A Day in the Life of Me 3: Crazed in the Head

November 5, 1996  Tuesday

If I have learned anything from today’s culture, it is that an idea isn’t old until it’s been completely beaten to death.  Hence, with that cheery note, the third chapter of my “Day in the Life” series.  Today we find our hero Will confronted with the travails of “B” day at school and then a monstrous, never-ending pile of corn (I think I need a vacation)!

I awoke today to something not so good.  It had seemed that everyone else in the house had been up for an awfully long time.  Something did’t seem quite right.  So I looked at my clock: it was 7:34 (and that, ladies and gentlemen, was how my day began).  I was barely ready when Hoke pulled up out front.

On “B” day the first class I have is Trig.  Don’t mean to strike a gloomy cord here, but it so happens to be my worst (or just most difficult class).  I had thought I had bombed the last test.  It turned out I got a 69%.  Not that bad, considering the class.  For the second class we moved next door from Mr. Wentworth’s room to Accounting.  Not much really happened that was very interesting.

Let’s see.  I was at lunch, and it’s a Tuesday.  What did we have … oh, that’s right.  Pizza.  Tuesday has been pizza day since I was in first grade, you see.  At lunch Les stole my seat when I went to get some sunflower seeds from the vending machine.  Nuts.  The problem with that is that our end of the table is always very crowded.  I had to go over and sit with Willa and Sidney, which is fine too.

What I do third hour, is, well, I haven’t figured out what I do third hour.  Basically I view tapes of school news segments and write down the date, who is in it, the subject.  Things like that.  Sometimes it’s fun to see different people in the clips, and funny, but often it’s tedious.

For fourth hour we have English IV.  We had to write about the educational value of our Medieval Times trip last week.  …The serving wench was nice to refill by Pepsi several times?  No, I actually found the small exhibit of torture devices interesting, if gruesome–bring the kids!   Then we went to the library for the rest of the hour.

Hoke, like many afternoons, took me out to LG seeds for my two and a half hours of labor. Once there I sifted dirt, made dirt-and-sand mixtures for the seed germination tests, and refilled the large sandbox from outside. I was done by 5:30 and home soon after.

Now we all wait for the Election ’96 results.  I just hope everyone made a wise decision when they voted.  The position of president is not to be taken lightly.


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